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We need your help! Let government officials know you support your local climbing gym. Your voice matters. Climbing gyms can be part of the solution to a healthy recovery for our entire community.

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Copy, paste, & edit the sample letter below into Governor Inslee's web form. Add any personal details you want to share!


Copy, paste, & edit the sample letter below and email directly to Jon Snyder, Senior Policy Advisor to Gov. Inslee, who is responsible for changes to our guidelines. 


Help us show the state how many climbers we serve! Sign the petition, and share on social media.


Adding things you've seen in your local gym which positively affect your community or makes you feel safe are helpful to include! Or send as-is, just adding your name and location at the bottom.

Dear Governor Jay Inslee:

I am writing as a constituent to support the efforts of the Washington Indoor Climbing Coalition. I believe indoor climbing centers can safely reopen and be reclassified separate from what the state is considering as a gym or fitness facility.  

As a supporter of an indoor climbing center, I fear that the doors of many indoor climbing gyms in the state may never reopen or struggle greatly if shutdowns are to continue. This would lead to the loss of jobs and many years of negative economic impact in their community. Their efforts to keep their communities safe have gone above and beyond state recommendations and as a community member of my local climbing center I feel strongly enough to reach out to voice my support and confidence in the safety of their operations. 

While I fully support the current shutdowns and restrictions due to concerns about COVID exposure, I believe we now know enough about the virus and the operations of climbing centers to create their own restriction and their own category of fitness centers. Climbing is part of a healthy lifestyle and can be done in a very safe manner in their large open-air facilities. Climbing centers have implemented a multilayered approach to provide safety measure mitigating Covid-19 transmission that include:

  • Mandatory usage of masks at all times for all activities

  • Creation of massive well-ventilated spaces

  • Use of reservation systems to strictly control occupancies and assist with contact tracing

  • Inherently tall and open facilities that naturally promote social distancing both horizontally and vertically

  • Ample hand cleaning/sanitizing stations

  • Increased facility cleaning

  • Use of chalk (magnesium carbonate) by clientele

    • Studies show climbing chalk is a chemical deterrent for COVID

I humbly ask that you please work with the Washington Indoor Climbing Coalition to help expedite the safe reopening of my climbing center and many others throughout the state and help them separate themselves from the fitness facilities that may be contributing to the spread of COVID. 





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